WebScheduler LLC began as a web-based scheduling software design and development Company. In 1997, our first mission was to enable surgeons & nurses to contract through an Internet connection with a small regional surgical laser rental company providing services and equipment to Kaiser Permanente regional hospitals in California. We went live with Kaiser in May, 1998. Today in the broad IT marketplace, and in healthcare markets as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, and workflow software designer.

Our technology stack includes Perl 5, MySQL database, JavaScript, AJAX and others. All WebScheduler offerings are extensively configurable by Users. And we customize beyond our production versions should your Company require it. Whether your industry is manufacturing, education, government, IT or healthcare, WebScheduler LLC has a version suited to your business operation. Subscribe and watch productivity gains increase your bottom line.

Your Business Rules. Initially, you provide us with your best practice business rules set for your recurring service events, whether those recurring events are seminars, surgeries, a nurse registry assignment, creating your department's On Call schedule or dispatch for training, repair or installation. A WebScheduler systems analyst will help you get started by setting up a free trial version that maps closely to your requirements.

Your lists of locations, Admin, Customer and Field personnel, devices, procedures, and types of events are added in by your Calendar Admin, and you are on your way. We have built these programs by direct feedback from customers. The result is a formidable array of high-tech scheduling features, easy navigation and definitive reporting capabilities. Fully implemented, WebScheduler cuts costs, eliminates errors and assures scheduling precision on time, every time.