A General Surgery group communicates and publishes the daily schedule for each surgeon. Using a WebScheduler calendar, surgeons and nurses post and track all surgeries, rounds list (including courtesy rounds), consults, Tumor Conferences, Call and vacation schedules. Scheduled events at multiple locations are easily viewed by authorized Users from any Internet connected computer. WebScheduler enables a single Excel spreadsheet printout for each day. Complete reports are dynamically generated directly from the calendar.

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Calendar Features

Login Authority
User's Priviledges Vary with Login Authority

Admin View

Surgeon View

Nurse/Scheduler View

Add Event (AE)


Modify Event (ME)


Delete Event (DE)


AE, ME, DE Permissions Limited by Configuration Rules Set by Admin 1

User Can AE, ME, DE Consults, Courtesy Consults, Patient to Surgery List and to Rounding List


Create Management Reports (Screen or Excel)

Display all Surgeons' Schedules to Identify Available Assistant

Manage Surgeon Unavailability (Vacation/Time Off)


Admin Functions (Add Users, Change Passwords, Publish Daily Report, etc.)

Create and Manage Call Schedules for Surgeons, PA's and Nurses


View (Read Only) Call Schedules


Post Requests for Tumor Conferences or Other Meetings


Publish Full Day Report (Excel) with all Surgeries, Call Schedules, Meetings and Rounding List for On Call Surgeon

1 User gets "send Urgent Message" if he tries to modify an event in the past, or within n days before the event as set by Admin; this feature sends email to Admin.

2 Surgeon permissions are configurable. In one preference set, Surgeon can Add, Modify or Delete an event only if he initiates it. Other preferences limit Surgeon login to Read Only except to confirm meetings and request time off. Surgeons who login see only their own events.